Welcome to the home of Endeavour Stud.


Endeavour Stud is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.  We are a registered stud with the Yorkshire rat club and NFRS. We earned our stud name in February 2013. We breed for health and temperaments foremost. Some of our rats are suitable for showing and all are bred to make excellent pets. 


We are currently working on the following varieties - Siamese in BE & RE in top ear and dumbo. Burmese & Wheaten burmese in standard top ear. Russian blue/russian blue agouti in top ear and dumbo and also in rex as well as standard. Some other varieties are currently in the process of being worked on and will be announced in the very near future..  


My rats are very important to me and it is important that they get the best forever homes to live out their lives. It is important that they are happy in their new forever homes and that their new families are happy with the rats. I am always available to answer any queries and also if any advice is needed. I like to keep contact with new families and receive photos and updates of the rats in their new homes.


All our rat kittens are handled daily and socialized with other rat groups of the same age. The kittens have a separate play area to the adults which enables them to run, climb and play. I also socialize the kittens so that they love to be handled and enjoy being around their owners/family. Due to infection control we now feel it is necessary to run a closed rattery, the health of our pets is very important to us. All our rats have daily free range time. They all have a balanced diet of a good quality dry mix, and alternate mixture of fresh food, the kittens have extra protein as part of their diet as well.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like to apply for rat kittens from Endeavour Stud or if you have any questions email Endeavourstud@gmail.com. 


On February 14th 2013 we acheived our Stud status 


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Accredited Breeder Award.

At the YRC in May 2009 my rattery was awarded the Accredited Breeders Award.